One morning with nothing much to do, we decided to buy a book or two. So we searched the internet and we’ll never know why? This catchy Website caught our eye. We wondered? Just who is Dr Phil D Mayers? And what a shame (to have a D as his middle name). We both agreed he must be a Quack! So we bought his books and we won’t take ‘um back. And although we still have a question or two? We just love his stories and so will you!

My friend Phil enjoys writing Children’s Books, Coloring Books, Cooking Books, Self Help Books, Action Books, Short Story Books and Blogs. And as you might have guessed, Writing is his passion. So, I would like to thank you for visiting his website and I hope you enjoy your visit. Hopefully you will love his stories and be his friend. By the way, this is not the first time I’ve heard someone call Phil a Quack. And to be honest with you, the Quack word has often slipped out of my own mouth. So please, don’t take yourself too seriously, drink a lot of water, and share this website with some of your friends.

  • Mindy Bradburn, Special Education Teacher
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