“As You go on through life, whatever You may do, Never Ever Give Up Hope and Your Dreams Will Come True!”

These True Stories are a reflection of lessons learned, and authenticates the fact, that indeed, “Truth is stranger than fiction!” So please feel good about yourself, have fun, give yourself a hug, pat yourself on the back, loosen-up and enjoy this wonderful eBook! As you go on through life, whatever you may do, never ever give up Hope and your Dreams will come True!

by Dr. Phil D Mayers (Author), Gayle Degregori (Illustrator), Lorri Bergeron (Illustrator), Andrea E Alvarado (Illustrator), Can Stock Photo (Illustrator), Dreams Time (Illustrator), Deirdre Gogarty Morrison (Editor), Harry Fontenot (Photographer)

Categories: Action Books; Short Story Books