“As You go on through life, whatever You may do, Never Ever Give Up Hope and Your Dreams Will Come True!”
©Dr. Phil D Mayers

Have you ever been in sort of a blah mood with nothing much to do? Well, I have. When lucky for me suddenly out of nowhere, on This very special day, this Your Dream Will Come True ebook caught my attention and provided me a unique opportunity to get motivated and start working on my own Dream. I felt like I was floating on a cloud. After reading this extremely important little book I was stimulated to get a pen and pad and start the process. This is the way it happened to me, and lucky for you, the same thing can happen to you. For today is Create Your Very Own Dream Day!

This simple little eBook is a game changer! It will propel You into a new sense of discovery.

by Dr. Phil D Mayers (Author), Gayle Degregori (Illustrator), Andrea E Alvarado (Illustrator), Lorrie Bergeron (Illustrator), Melinda Bradburn (Introduction), Harry Fontenot (Photographer)
Categories: Self Help Books