Dr. Phil’s Invaluable Contributors

Dr. Phil shares with you the some of the fabulous people who helped with various projects
to complete the Children’s eBooks Adventures & More, Graphics, Blog, Podcast and Website.


Artwork: Gayle Degeregori

Artwork: Andrea E Alvarado

Artwork: Lorri Bergeron

Graphics: Deirdre Gogarty Morrison

Web Developer: Tina Olivier
Olivier Websites-R-Us

Webmaster: Lily Boggs John Boggs 

Graphics: Deirdre Gogarty Morrison
Deirdre Gogarty with Darrelyn Saloom

Kate Ferry and my special friend Jennifer Ashy Stevens

Author Photo: Harry Fontenot



Songs: Marilyn & Paul Muffoletto, Louis Pierre Michot

Podcast: Elizabeth Young

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