9. Persnickety

I COULDN'T CONVINCE HIM, HE'S THAT PIGHEADED! (Lawrence Treat 1943) Have you ever heard of (or for that matter have you ever used) the Persnickety word? Well to tell you the truth I think

8. The Lord’s Prayer

(Matthew 6:9-13) Are You familiar with THE LORD’S PRAYER? Over the years I have spent a considerable amount of quality time focusing my attention (one might call this Meditating) on THE LORD’S PRAYER. Please

7. Ladies First

"Ooooh!" (She said.) "That must have hurt!" Not a drop said I, not at all. It's a Birthmark I got when I was small. "A Birthmark on the back of your hand. I've never

6. Blah Blog

Have you ever been in a Blah mood with nothing much to do? When suddenly out of nowhere, something fantastic pops up and lifts you into the Clouds? Well, it happened just that way


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