13. Obituary for Bubba

A Tribute to my Big Brother My Big Brother Bubba (Val Kenneth Mayers) was born on Sunday April 10, 1932 in Lafayette, Louisiana. He was the second born of five kids to his

12. A Fallen Woman

Have you ever had a women FALL for you? Well, I have! Just last week a friend of mine, excitedly told me he found a woman that had FALLEN for him. Unfortunately for

11. Politically Correct

“MONKEY SEE/MONKEY DO” Are You A Politically Correct Person? Politically Correct just happens to be a word that makes me uncomfortable, and although I’m not quite sure what it actually means it’s seems a

10. Page 4

This Blog is all about PAGE 4  of this wonderful little GUITAR DOG eBook. Because PAGE 4 would like to invite you to come inside his Book, and have a little look. PAGE

9. Persnickety

I COULDN'T CONVINCE HIM, HE'S THAT PIGHEADED! (Lawrence Treat 1943) Have you ever heard of (or for that matter have you ever used) the Persnickety Word? Well to tell you the truth I

8. The Lord’s Prayer

(Matthew 6:9-13) Are You familiar with THE LORD’S PRAYER? Over the years I have spent a considerable amount of quality time focusing my attention (one might call this Meditating) on THE LORD’S PRAYER.

7. Ladies First

"Ooooh!" (She said.) "That must have hurt!" Not a drop said I, not at all. It's a Birthmark I got when I was small. "A Birthmark on the back of your hand. I've

6. The Blah Blog

Have you ever been in a Blah mood with nothing much to do? When suddenly out of nowhere, something fantastic pops up and lifts you into the Clouds? Well, it happened just that

5. The Queen Bee

I Love this Gift from God Well look-a-there! Well golly-gee, its the cutest Honey Bee that I ever did see. Like a teaspoon of Honey which was told to me, is a healing gift

4. The Mopsy Twins

Have You ever Mopped a floor? I was sitting in STARBUCKS© one afternoon, reading a good book and minding my own business, when I looked up, much to my surprise, two lovely young


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