Have you ever been in a Blah mood with nothing much to do?

When suddenly out of nowhere, something fantastic pops up and lifts you into the Clouds? Well, it happened just that way to me, when these Very Unusual Short Stories popped-up into my somewhat off-centered brain. (Lucky for me!) I was able to write this uplifting little eBook for You and I to see.

And (Lucky for You!), these Short Stories can lift you into the Clouds. And in case you didn’t know it today is (Be Kind to Yourself Day!). So please have fun, give yourself a hug, pat yourself on the back, loosen-up and enjoy this fantastic little eBook! And (Lucky for you!), you can immediately download this eBook for the amazing price of 3 United States Dollars (3USD).

These Short Stories will allow you an opportunity to dare to be different and take a relaxing journey off the beaten path. Providing yourself the pleasure of keeping things simple and Smelling the Roses. And why would you want to Smell the Roses? Perhaps, because you deserve it!

(Mindy Lou, Special Education Teacher)

“As you go on through life, whatever you may do, never ever give up Hope! And Your Dreams Will Come True”© Dr. Phil D Mayers, Author Blogger

Speaking of keeping things simple, I’ve decided to sneak this simple little dissertation on The Uhhhh Word (which is one of The Very Unusual Short Stories out of this BIRD BRAINS UNLIMITED eBook) into this Blah Blog, so we can venture a little further off the beaten path and enjoy (a Blog within a Blog).

The Uhhhh Word Blog

Have you ever used The Uhhhh Word? Or for that matter do you have any idea what Uhhhh means? Well, I too have no idea what Uhhhh means? But I have used it quite often (especially when I was in High School). As a matter of fact, have you ever even heard of The Uhhhh Word? Well for your information, I just tried to look up the definition of The Uhhhh Word in my new Dictionary, but, of course, I was unable to find it. So, what I’d like to do is give you an example of how I have used The Uhhhh Word in the past, and perhaps you and I can come up with a suitable definition, and if we do, we can send in a request to submit our New Word to the Dictionary People.

Here is my example: I was sitting in English class (minding my own business) when, my teacher surprised me, by calling out my name and asked me a question. Out of my mouth came a slow Uhhhh? (Which of course, was a delaying tactic) to allow my brain time to come up with some sort of an answer.

My next move was to ask her to repeat the question? (Which of course, was another delaying tactic). For after all: (1.) I was not listening (2.) I didn’t study (3.) I was embarrassed, and (4.) When she repeated the question, she was obviously speaking in some Unknown Foreign Tongue, for I had no idea what she was talking about? But believe me, this wasn’t my English Teacher’s first Rodeo. She just happened to be very familiar (with this same old song and dance). She popped me on the top of my head with her handy ruler (as she quickly moved on to her next victim). I wanted to tell her she was interfering with my Doodling but was afraid that might make things worse. (But what the heck!) not all people are understanding and compassionate.

By the way, please don’t forget to let me know if you can think of a good definition for The Uhhhh Word. And if we are lucky, they might acknowledge us in the forward to the next addition of the Dictionary, or at least give us some sort of a prize for coming up with A New Word. Perhaps our definition could be somewhat like this: 1. Uhhhh A delaying Word, a confused Word, a drawn-out Word, a Word that denotes a searching, a scanning of the ole grey matter looking for an answer. 2. Uhhhh A desperate Word, usually followed by some sort of excuse (Probably a Lie!). 3. Uhhhh A repetitious Word one that has been repeated so many times that it will probably get you kicked out of class.

P.S. I can’t wait to hear from you.

P.S.S. In case you didn’t know it, this is a Blog, for after all, I am a Blogger, and I would like to invite you to visit my website and perhaps you might even Leave a Comment or Two?


Dr. Phil D Mayers, Author Blogger


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(Mindy Lou, Special Education Teacher)

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