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9. Persnickety

I COULDN'T CONVINCE HIM, HE'S THAT PIGHEADED! (Lawrence Treat 1943) Have you ever heard of (or for that matter have you ever used) the Persnickety word? Well to tell you the truth I think

8. The Lord’s Prayer

(Matthew 6:9-13) Are You familiar with THE LORD’S PRAYER? Over the years I have spent a considerable amount of quality time focusing my attention (one might call this Meditating) on THE LORD’S PRAYER. Please

7. Ladies First

"Ooooh!" (She said.) "That must have hurt!" Not a drop said I, not at all. It's a Birthmark I got when I was small. "A Birthmark on the back of your hand. I've never

6. Blah Blog

Have you ever been in a Blah mood with nothing much to do? When suddenly out of nowhere, something fantastic pops up and lifts you into the Clouds? Well, it happened just that way

5. The Queen Bee

Look-a-there! Well golly-gee, its the cutest Honey Bee that I ever did see. Like a teaspoon of Honey which was told to me, is a healing gift from the Humble Bee. A gift from

4. The Mopsy Twins

Have You ever Mopped a floor? I was sitting in STARBUCKS© one afternoon, reading a good book and minding my own business, when I looked up, much to my surprise, two lovely young ladies

3. Molly’s Six Pack

Well (Lucky for you!) if you have never written one but perhaps you have entertained the thought. Because hopefully, todays’ lesson on "How to Write a Blog" will surely encourage you to become a

2. Germ Freak (My 2nd Born Blog)

Would you believe I’m a Germ Freak? As I sit here Writing Blog number 2, you might think by the way I’m dressed in my Sterile robe, Sterile mask, Sterile cap, Sterile gloves, and

1. Writing Blogs (My 1st Born Blog)

Have you ever thought about Blogging? (I hope so!) Because Blogging is lots of fun! It all started for me on august the 18th 2013, while enjoying a soy latte at STARBUCKS© with my

0. Pledge Allegiance

The Pledge of Allegiance of the United States is an expression of allegiance to the flag of the United States and the republic of the United States of America. Must watch this video


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