Ogden Nash


Good morning!

Have ever had the pleasure of reading my little book, “How To Successfully Create Your Very Own Dream Book? Well if You have had that opportunity You surely must remember how important it is to have a tablet or notebook next to Your bed. Then, when some inspiring thought comes to You in Your Sweet Dreams in the middle of the night, You can jump out of bed and write it down. So You won’t forget that wonderful thought the next morning.

Well, just last night the word “Simpleton” came to me in my Dream. It was a God thing! Once again, I was rewarded with a Gift from God. I immediately jumped out of the bed and started writing about what I had Dreamed.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much to write about. Because, this one-word Dream was the shortest Dream I ever had. But I reminded myself, “Good things come in small packages.” and actually, I was very excited, because I had never heard of, nor read of, anything about the word, “Simpleton”.

Nor had I ever heard of, nor read about, a one-worded Dream. But at last lucky for me! I had discovered a very important new word that just so happens to be a perfect fit for my creative personality.

For after all, I, and all of my family and friends, have always known that I was born with the wonderful gift of “making complicated things Simple”. And my ability to “make complicated things Simple” finally had a Simple word (Simpleton) to describe that unique ability.

So, I came up with a Simple definition of the word, Simpleton, “i.e.” a Simpleton is: a person that has the ability “to make complicated things Simple”. Wow! Perhaps I should contact the Dictionary People?

Now I hate to get technical, but I would be cheating myself if I didn’t mention in keeping within the theme of keeping things Simple, I substituted “i.e.” for the wordsthat is”. I can’t help but think that was pretty smart of me, and I know You must also be impressed, for after all I am writing about keeping things Simple.

I was so proud of my Dream, that I decided to replace the words, “Author Blogger”, behind my name with the word “Simpleton”. Instead of: Dr. Phil D Mayers, Author Blogger, I would now become Dr. Phil D Mayers, Simpleton!

I couldn’t wait to contact all of my family and friends to see what they thought about this very important discovery.

I quickly decided to send out emails to everyone I knew, telling them that I had discovered a new word that must be published in the Dictionary. And for Your information I just sent a registered letter to the Dictionary People giving them written permission to include my new word, Simpleton in their next addition. Of course I added the condition that the word Simpleton was so important that it must be capitalized.

Before I knew it, I was flooded with replies.

I had no idea I was so popular. Everyone agreed, that I had indeed, found a word that must be capitalized because it suited me perfectly. Frankly I was amazed! And You surely must agree.

They all agreed that perhaps, I should take a look in my dictionary to see if the word “Simpleton” might have already been used. How nice of them! They didn’t want me to be accused of plagiarism.

So, I did just that. And, unfortunately! This is what I found under Simpleton in my trusty Thesaurus. Simpleton: an Ignorant Foolish Person, an Idiot, a Dimwit, a Buffoon, a Lamebrain, a Dunce, a Moron,  a Numbskull, an Ignoramus ect.

Well, what the heck! Perhaps it wasn’t a God thing?

Sweet Dreams,

Dr. Phil D Mayers, Simpleton

P.S. Please don’t believe everything You read in the Thesaurus. I can’t help but believe it’s involved of some sort of a conspiracy!

P.S.S. In case You didn’t know it, this is a Blog. For after all, I am a Blogger, and I would like to invite You to visit my website and Leave a Reply.