Recipe For Success

Recipe for Success



Attitude Is Everything!


My simple Recipe for Success will motivate You and inspire You to develop a Positive Attitude, so You can go out and conquer the world! Perhaps You may be wondering why I am sharing this message, and why anyone in his or her right mind (including You) would waste their valuable time reading it? I really don’t know why but the thought came to me that perhaps a few of my devoted readers (including You) might be burdened with financial problems, depressed over a failing relationship, or whatever? And were afraid to ask for my help. So, for Your information, I’m writing this simple Recipe for Success for You. Because I think reading it will help encourage You to avail Yourself of my services, and there is no doubt in my mind that after reading my Recipe for Success You will be amazed by my qualifications and will be comfortable seeking my help.


I would like to start off by telling You a few very interesting things about myself. First of all, I must admit that I am extremely impressed with my title — Dr. Phil D Mayers, Author Blogger — And I’m sure You must also be impressed.


But please don’t become discombobulated and think I’m some sort of a show-off calling myself a Doctor. Because it’s not the Doctor part that impresses me. I only use the Doctor part because my friends tell me it impresses a lot of people and gives me the appearance of being important. (Which of course, they all know I’m not!) But, what the heck! I love to Write — So it’s the Author Blogger part that touches my soul and makes me feel good about myself — This, of course, gives me a Positive Attitude, and in my mind, Attitude Is Everything!



Attitude Is Everything!


And it’s a good thing I have a Positive Attitude and feel good about myself. For, if I didn’t have a Positive Attitude and feel good about myself how could I possibly help You develop a Positive Attitude and feel good about Yourself? For after all Attitude Is Everything! So, please don't be afraid to read this Recipe for Success, although I must warn You that after reading this Recipe for Success some people were intimidated by my accomplishments and were plunged into some sort of a deep inferiority complex. But please, don’t let that happen to You. Just keep in mind that I am only implementing what my Dad taught me to do. And all I want to do is help You. Because, there is no doubt in my mind, if I can do it, You, can do it too!


If perhaps You are feeling a little down, a Good Fresh Cup of Coffee is sure to pick You up! So, please allow me to share a little about my climb to success. In my first job, I was a garbage man, or more appropriately a Garbage-Boy. My job was to take out the garbage. A task assigned to me because none of my brothers and sisters wanted to do it. I enjoyed being a Garbage-Boy because it made me feel needed and gave me a sense of purpose.


My older brothers were also kind enough to let me take over the job of mowing the lawn. So naturally I became a Lawnmower-Boy. A job I dearly loved.


It was at this time that I got my first taste of helping people. I joined the Cub Scouts and had the opportunity to help a few old ladies cross the street. I think it's safe to say I was also a Cub-Scout-Boy.


In my next job, I was a Shoeshine-Boy. My father was in the restaurant business and had a magazine shop with a shoeshine stand adjacent to his restaurant. I loved shining shoes and was darned good at it.


I moved on to selling Peanuts at football games. But I must admit I was not crazy about being a Peanut-Salesman-Boy, because I never really got to watch the games.


When the weather got much colder, I was doing such a great job of selling peanuts that I was promoted to the position of selling hot chocolate. I loved being a Hot-Chocolate-Salesman-Boy, until I got fired for spilling a tray of hot chocolate on several very unfriendly, home team fans. Suddenly, I was an Unemployed Hot-Chocolate-Salesman-Boy, with a small chance of ever getting my job back.



After a couple of weeks of being Unemployed, the gentleman my father hired to wash dishes and mop floors got tired of washing dishes and mopping floors and walked off the job. "Lucky for me!" That was the day my dual career as a Dish-Washer-Boy and Floor-Mopper-Boy in my father’s restaurant began. I will always be thankful to that gentleman for walking off the job, and most of all to my Dad for providing me with the unique opportunity to wash dishes and mop floors.


My dear sweet Dad told me the job being a Dish-Washer-Boy and Floor-Mopper-Boy would teach me humility and cleanliness, and if I put my heart into it this would be a valuable lesson. He also said it would build character and a Positive Attitude which would qualify me to help people go out and conquer the world! So please don’t be intimidated by my accomplishments and think I am over qualified to help You.


And if You’re wondering why I’m so anxious to help You, it's because, in my humble opinion, if You are still reading my Recipe for Success, You definitely need help! But, lucky for You, I love challenges and am willing to go to any length to help You develop a Positive Attitude, so You can feel good about Yourself and go out and conquer the world!


P.S. The following link will take You to a wonderful little Book that will motivate You to write Your very own little Book or accomplish any goal that is stirring deep down inside of You just waiting to get out-of-there!


Dr. Phil D Mayers, Author Blogger