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Have You ever thought about BLOGGING? I hope so, because BLOGGING is lots of fun.

It all started for me on August the 18th 2013, while enjoying a Soy Latte, at STARBUCKS© I was with Good Ole David, my advisor and Bodyguard.

I challenge You to guess which one is Good Ole David? And which one is me?

During our conversation, Good Ole David complimented me on my WRITING skills and suggested I start WRITING BLOGS.

I, of course, had no idea what a BLOG was, much less how to WRITE one.

He went on to explain that a BLOG is nothing more than a short collection of thoughts or experiences that You publish on Your website.

My mom told me to always have a good hot cup of coffee while cooking. According to my mom: “Coffee gives You courage”. And since my mom was always right; I can’t help but believe this also holds true for BLOGGING.

So, I grabbed a hot cup of coffee and got started!

These next little paragraphs will help You realize You don’t have to be an English Professor to be a BLOGGER.

When I was a little boy I idolized my two big brothers. But unfortunately, they teased me a lot and some things that were said jokingly, I took to be true.

They made a point of telling me that boys who liked English in school were Sissies. Of course, I didn’t want to be called a Sissy, so from that time on, I paid very little attention to English.

I now know that this simple joke has had a very detrimental effect on my life.

Simply put, I am a very poor speller, baffled by punctuation, and although I am mesmerized by the term “dangling participle”, I really don’t have a grasp on what a dangling participle means, nor what to do with those precarious little dangling participles.

However, I do love commas, and enjoy sprinkling them about my prose.

I often ask myself how anyone with such a poor background in English ever made it through 10 years of college?

Bottoms-up! Perhaps it was the coffee?

Please let me know how I did on my first BLOG? And pardon my asking if You are aware of the term “Poetic License”, which may be defined as: A writers’ privilege to depart from an expected standard, by ignoring some minor requirements of grammar. Needless to say, I love “Poetic License”, and have embraced this principle since I became an Author.

Believe me, I need all the help I can get!

P.S. I hope this BLOG has brought a touch of sunshine into Your loving little heart.