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Have you ever thought about #Blogging? I Hope so, because #Blogging is lots of fun!

It all started for me on August the 18th 2013, while enjoying a Hot Cup of #Coffee at STARBUCKS© with my good friend, David (my advisor and bodyguard). I challenge you to guess which one is Good Ole David? And which one is me? During our conversation, Good Ole David, who just so happens to Love my books, complimented me on my #Writing skills and suggested I start #WritingBlogs

I, of course, had no idea what a #Blog was, much less how to #Write one?

He went on to explain that a #Blog is nothing more than a short collection of “thoughts” or “experiences” that you publish on your website. The word “thoughts” makes me think back to the time my Dear Sweet Mother told me to always have a good hot cup of #Coffee while cooking. According to my Mom: “#CoffeegivesYoucourage! ©”. And since my Mom was always right; I can’t help but believe this also holds true for #Blogging. So, I grabbed a hot cup of #Coffee and got started! The next paragraph will help you realize you don’t have to be an English Professor to be a #Blogger.

When I was a little boy, I idolized my two big brothers. But unfortunately, they teased me a lot and some things that were said jokingly, I took to be true. They made a point of telling me that boys who liked English in school were Sissies. Of course, I didn’t want to be called a Sissy, so from that time on I paid very little attention to studying English. I now know that this simple joke has had a very detrimental effect on my life. Simply put, I am a very poor speller, baffled by punctuation, and although I am mesmerized by the term “#danglingparticiple“, I really don’t have a grasp on what a “#danglingparticiple” is, nor what to do with those precarious little “#danglingparticiples“. However, I do love commas, and enjoy sprinkling them about my prose. I often ask myself how anyone with such a poor background in English ever made it through 10 years of college? 

#Bottoms-up! Perhaps it was the #Coffee?

Please let me know how I did on my first #Blog? And pardon my asking if you are aware of the term #PoeticLicense which may be defined as (a writers’ privilege to depart from an expected standard, by ignoring some minor requirements of grammar). My type definition! And needless to say, I love #PoeticLicense and have embraced this principal since I became an Author. And for your information, I am no longer just a simple Author. I am now Dr. Phil D Mayers, Author Blogger.

P.S. I hope this #Blog has brought a touch of sunshine into your Loving little heart. It’s been a long time since I wrote this #Blog. It was my “first born” and I dearly Love it. It will always be special to me and I often go back and reread it, to see how it’s getting along (which of course I’m doing right now).

©Dr. Phil D Mayers, Author Blogger


©Dr. Phil D Mayers, The Bank Blogger


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