Have You ever been trapped in the web of  INDECISION?

If You can imagine what it would be like to fly into a spider’s web, helpless, struggling to get out, unable to move forward, then You are sure to understand the dilemma of INDECISION.

Have You ever been suspended in NOWHERE?

NOWHERE best defines INDECISION to me — It’s an IN-BETWEEN place, a psychological trap — You are filled with doubt and confusion, unsure of Your next step.

It stops all progress.

It’s sort of like a jigsaw puzzle whirling around the ole grey matter. It sabotages Your serenity, Your sleep, and Your relationships.

It paralyzes!

Which brings up the word DECISION — A simple yet powerful word — Powerful and simple, because it is the magic key to getting out of the trap of INDECISION.

So “MAN UP” and quit wasting your valuable time trying to figure things out. Because — If You could have figured it out by now — You would already be out of the trap.

Well according to the theory of keeping things simple — Why not flip a coin?

Heads You go left, Tails You go right, and just like that— The coin has made the DECISION for You!

Imagine that! You are free! You are out of the trap of INDECISION.

Just think about it. If flipping the coin doesn’t work out — You have nothing to blame but the coin.

So why should You keep reading these BLOGS? Because they will loosen You up and help You feel good all over  — And weather permitting — You might even quit taking Yourself so seriously!