Grateful Tummy Books

Grateful Tummy Books

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Bluegrass Bird

This fantastic little book is about a little Pelican and though it seems quite absurd, he is obsessed with Bluegrass Music, so they call him "Bluegrass Bird".

WOW: I Can Learn To Do It Now!

WOW is a friendly, fun loving, COLORING BOOK which will delight your senses and stimulate your creativity. It definitely is not one of those generic mass market coloring books.
It's unique hand drawn artwork and colorful verse, will stir the imagination and the souls of kids from 3 to 93.

Hungry's Cajun Creole Coloring Cookbook

This combination Coloring Book and Cookbook will delight Your senses, stimulate Your taste buds, and give You the pleasure of enjoying a uniquely creative experience.
Imagine that!
The precise directions and perfectly balanced seasonings take the mystery out of Cajun Creole Cooking.