Confederacy of Bloggers

Confederacy of Bloggers


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This is Not a Thing, Which as the Proverb Says “Any Pig Should Know”

Plato (375 B.C.)




A couple of days ago with nothing much to do, I decided to take a little break, and BLOG a BANK or Two.

Well, I did just that. When much to my dismay! The FBI stormed into my house and hauled me away. I don’t know why I did it I was guilty as can be. For BLOGGING BANKS© is a Federal Offence. So, they arrested me.

They confiscated my computer and hauled me off to Jail. And, bad luck for me, there happened to be, no one to pay my bail. As I’m sure You must have guessed it? I was scared as can be!

I cuddled in the corner of my Jail Cell, as depressed as can be. That this was “THE END” of my BLOGGING Career was very plain to see.

The Big Jailer barked out, as mean as could be! Let’s put this BANK BLOGGER out of his misery! Let’s hang him from a tree!

When I went before the Honorable Judge I was scared as can be. My knees just couldn’t quit shaking! I was shaking at the Knee! I started Praying to God, for His help, when much to my surprise, the BANK President walked into the Chamber with a sparkle in his eyes.

He handed a document to the Honorable Judge, and that wonderful document read: The BANK will not press charges!

We’re, happy as can be!

BANK deposits just went through the roof; The highest in history. And as far as we are concerned, it’s very plain to see, the BANK BLOGGER has helped our BANK, grow in popularity.

Well, that’s the end of my story, and a thought just came to me. Why don’t we get together and form a CONFEDERACY OF BLOGGERS and a BLOGGERS SOCIETY?

I just love this new thought and hope You do too.

So, for Your information, today I have updated my Website and added the topics: Writing Blogs, Confederacy of Bloggers, Bloggers Society, and Leave a Reply. Needless to say, I am very excited about this new opportunity and hope You are too.


This special place is reserved to give our CONFEDERACY OF BLOGGERS© a special opportunity, to post their BLOGS so that everyone everywhere may see.

And the best part is, all You have to do is scroll down and fill out the form below to submit Your blog! By sending Your BLOG You are giving Grateful tummy Books LLC permission to post it on our Website. PLEASE choose your title carefully and keep it short.

I will be very excited to see Your BLOG. Your BLOG can be about anything, as long as it is reader appropriate! And, “Lucky for me” just knowing that I have a part in this makes me feel good all over!

And just between me and You, I’d Love to see a BLOG from Timbuktu!

To avoid any impropriety, I will continue to post my own BLOGS, under the heading Writing Blogs on my own Website.

I must say it again, I hope You like this idea because I certainly like it! And I am looking forward to enjoying reading Your wonderful BLOGS.

Feel free to take a look at Writing Blogs on the menu of my Website. Perhaps You might use this simple template to help You present Your Blog on a CONFEDERACY OF BLOGGERS, and on Your own Website

Looking forward to hearing from You soon! Thanks, Phil.


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