8. Blah!

Have you ever been in a #Blah mood with nothing much to do? When suddenly out of nowhere, something fantastic pops up and lifts you into the clouds? 

Well it happened just that way to me and (#LuckyForYou) it can happen just that way to you. And in case you didn’t know it (today is #BeKindToYourselfDay!). So please have #fun, give yourself a #hug , #PatYourselfOnTheBack, loosen-up and enjoy! And hopefully on this #VerySpecialDay you can immediately download this #VeryUnusualCollectionOfShortStories which will provide you a lucky chance #NotTakeYourselfTooSeriously. These #ShortStories will allow you an opportunity to #DareToBeDifferent and #TakeARelaxingJourneyOffTheBeatenPath. Allowing yourself the pleasure of keeping things Simple and smelling the roses. #BecauseYouDeserveIt!
(Mindy Bradburn, Special Education Facilitator)

“One morning (with nothing much to do) we decided to #BuyABookOrTwo. When out of nowhere and we’ll never know why? This catchy cover (with a confused looking bird) caught our eye! So, we said to ourselves: Just who is Dr. Phil D Mayers? And what a shame, to have a “D” as his middle name! We both agreed he must be a #Quack! So, we bought his #books and we won’t take um’ back. And although we still have a question or two? We just love his stories and so will You! (Anonymous)

(#AsYouGoOnThroughLifeWhateverYouMayDoNeverEverGiveUpHope!AndYourDreamWillComeTrue©Dr. Phil D Mayers, Author Blogger)

Speaking of your Dream (if you haven’t already done so, you can do yourself a favor and visit my website and just to let you know, all of my Books & blogs are dedicated to my Loving God and to my Mom & Dad, my brothers Jackie & Val, my sister Gay & my twin sister Phyllis. And to my children: Lisa, Phil, Beth, and Mindy. I also would like to thank CC’s Coffee© and STARBUCKS© for providing a pleasant yummy atmosphere to create these Dream Books and Dream Blogs.

Surely Goodness and Mercy Shall Follow Me All the Days of My Life and I Will Dwell in the House of The Lord Forever. (Psalms 23:6)

Dr. Phil D Mayers, Author Blogger
Dr. Phil D Mayers, The Bank Blogger

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