9. The Big Bang

I’ve got a friend and his name is Saul and his favorite thing to do, is stand in front of his White-Blackboard and write-out an equation or two.

And when I watch him writing those complicated formulas it’s so easy to understand, why I consider him to be the number 1 #BIGBANGPhysicist in all of the land. Well I’m certainly no #Physicist but I’m sure as can be, this gentleman will someday make #BIGBANGHistory.

And just between you and me, this is all about #TheBIGBANGTheory and #Singularity.

#THEBIGBANGTHEORY states that 13.7 Billion Years Ago #AllMatterWasCompacterIntoAnInfinitelyDenseAndIntenselyHotSmallBall called a #Singularity. It goes on to state that the #UniverseWasBornAndBeganExpandingInAMassiveExplosion of that #Singularity.


So please do yourself a favor (access the link below) and take a look at Saul as he easily writes his very Complicated Formulas on YouTube. I guarantee you will be absolutely amazed, as I was.

For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
I Accept

Now, in closing, I’d be the first to admit that I don’t know what came first, “the Chicken” or “the Egg”? And I can’t help but wonder if that Small Ball was Created “In the Beginning” or did it just come out of nowhere? Well I’m not so wise as them Physics Guys, but just between me and you, I do know, how to enjoy a few hot cups of coffee at CC’s Coffee© and/or STARBUCKS© and write out a Blog or two.

©Dr. Phil D Mayers, The Bank Blogger
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