Become An Author


Have you ever been in sort of a blah mood with nothing much to do?

Well I have!

When lucky for me, suddenly out of nowhere on this Very Special Day, this HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY CREATE YOUR VERY OWN DREAM BOOK caught my attention and provided me a unique opportunity to get motivated and start working on my very own DREAM BOOK. I felt like I was floating on a cloud. I had always DREAMED of WRITING a BOOK but never quite got to it.

After reading this extremely important little BOOK, I was stimulated to get a pen and tablet and START WRITING. This is the way it happened to me, and lucky for you, the same thing can happen to you. For today is CREATE YOUR VERY OWN DREAM BOOK DAY.

So please get yourself a copy, have fun, give yourself a hug, gently pat yourself on the back, loosen up and START WRITING.


Mindy Bradburn, Special Education Facilitator

You can get this wonderful little book as a soft copy or an eBook by going to the Grateful Tummy Books tab on this website.

You will love the help this little book will bring to you,

so you can accomplish any goal you might have,