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This is Not a Thing, Which as the Proverb

Says “Any Pig Should Know”

Plato (375 B.C.)

Dr. Phil D Mayers, Author Blogger


A couple of days ago with nothing much to do, I decided to get on the Internet and #BlogaBank or two.


Well I did just that, when much to my dismay! The FBI stormed into my house and hauled me away. I don’t know why I did it, I was guilty as can be. For BloggingBanks© is a Federal Offence. So, they arrested me.


They confiscated my computer and hauled me off to Jail. And, bad luck for me, there happened to be, no one to pay my bail.

I cuddled in the corner of my Jail Cell as depressed as can be. That this was “THE END” of my Blogging career, was very plain to see.


The Big Jailer shouted out: “It’s very plain to me! Let’s put this #BankBlogger© out of his misery! Let’s hang him from a tree!”.


When I went before the Honorable Judge I was scared as can be. My knees just couldn’t quit shaking! I was shaking at the knee! I started praying to God for His help, when much to my surprise, the Bank President walked into the Court Room with a sparkle in his eyes. He handed a document to the Honorable Judge, and that wonderful document read: “Our Bank will not press charges. we’re, happy as can be. This #BankBlogger© has helped our Bank, grow in popularity. Bank deposits just went through the roof, the highest in history!”


Well, that’s the end of my story, and a thought just came to me. Why don’t we get together and form a #ConfederacyofBloggers©, a #BloggersSociety©.


Our Mission will be to provide a simple platform where Readers, Writers, and Lovers of Blogs, all over the world, can get together and help each other obtain the recognition we all deserve. This special place gives each of us an opportunity to steer traffic to our websites for all of the world to see.

The Gift of sharing with others helps us feel good about ourselves and enjoy the Gift of Giving. But please keep in mind that this is only a simple experiment, and I’m not sure if all of us can get together and make this Blogging thing successful.


But just like a Good Blog, an earnest attempt must come from the heart. And always remember, and never forget, “You never fail until You quit trying!”.

You never fail until You quit trying!


Have You ever heard the saying? “Birds of a Feather, Flock Together!” Well, if Birds can do it so can We!


So, Let’s “Flock Together!” and form a Confederacy of Bloggers© a Bloggers Society©.

And please keep in mind, if You don’t write Blogs, but Love reading them You can join our Fellow Bloggers and Blogger Lovers wherever They may be. So feel free to use Blogger, Author Blogger, or Blogger Lover, behind Your name for everyone to see.


I hope You like this idea. I certainly do! And I am looking forward to enjoying Your wonderful Blogs. All I ask is nothing offensive to anyone or anything.


Dr. Phil D Mayers, Author Blogger


Please join Us and feel free to Leave a Reply (positive or negative) on my Website menu.