Just Who is Dr. Phil D Mayers?

A native of Lafayette, Louisiana, Dr. Phil D Mayers involved himself in his father and mother’s restaurants. He attended Lafayette, High school, was a Boy Scout, boxed on his high school boxing team, and played a piccolo in his high school band. He studied at Louisiana State University, The University of Southwestern Louisiana, and Loyola Dental School. After practicing General Dentistry for 5 years, he went on to earn his post-doctorate degree as a specialist in Periodontics at the University of Nebraska. He later improved his baking skills at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington.

In addition to his dental practice, for over 20 years, Dr. Mayers with family and friends served as visiting Medical Missionaries in Southern Mexico.

(Matthew 5:6)

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My fantastic Résumé walks you through my history of employment that built my positive attitude and characteristics.

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Dr. Phil Mayers - Grateful Tummy BooksYou’ll find here a couple of my interviews like the AOC Interview and Heart Beats TV Interview.  I hope you enjoy the video interviews and love to hear your comments.

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My Favorite Books and Sculptors show some of my personal favorite books, illustrators and sculptors

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Meet the wonderful experts who have helped me through the past, in which I never could have accomplish this blog without their expertise.  My team includes artwork illustrators, graphic designers, song writers and web masters.

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“This is not a thing
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I Returned, And Saw Under The Sun, That The Race Is Not To The Swift, Nor The Battle To The Strong, Neither Bread To The Wise, Nor Riches To Men Of Understanding, Or Favor To Men Of Skill, But Time And Chance Happens To Them All. (Ecclesiastes: 9:11)

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