Do you believe in #Reincarnation?

My friend Rudy dropped by my apartment and he told me, he had something special he wanted me to see. And there was no doubt about it I was amazed as can be. I must admit I was really surprised, why I could hardly believe my eyes. I remembered last Saturday afternoon around a quarter to three, when I gave Rudy my #OldBrieface, which was #Inherited from my Dad to me. It turns out Ole’ Rudy is really quite smart, why he turned my old #Briefcase into a #WorkOfArt. Was he an #Artist? #Architect? #Engineer? Which could it be? Really wasn’t quite clear to me? No doubt he was smarter than a #PhD, and that was very plain to see.

Rudy told, me there was something peculiar about that #Briefcase he couldn’t quite understand, but he had a strange feeling that #OldBriefcase belonged in my hand.

Now, when I sit on that #BriefcaseBench to #Meditate, it’s always there be it early or late. And last night around 9:23, the strangest thing happened to me. I was #Meditating on my #BriefcaseBench, when I heard a #Lowvoice whispering in French. The #Lowvoice whispered: “Please Little Phil don’t be so sad I happen to be your long-lost Dad.” So I asked the #BriefcaseBench just how could that be? My dad was killed in Vietnam when I was only three. “Well, let me tell you my dear little son, for your information, I’m now a product of #Reincarnation.”

“Coming back as a #Reincarnated Briefcase Bench is not quite what I hoped it to be, but I’m looking real-good as you can plainly see. And I’m so happy it happened because I’m still your Dad, and we can talk every night, which will make us real glad. And I’m so excited, my son, it worked out this way, and now you can jump and laugh and play. But I’ll say this much, and I won’t take it back, I just love that pretty #VETERANSFORTRUMP sticker you stuck on my back! And I’m so glad you love #VETERANS my wonderful son, and I hope you love #TRUMP because he loves #VETERANS and he’s number one!”

Now if you’re #Struggling on a project you can’t seem to work out, why not give my friend Rudy a shout? I know Rudy will help you because he’s really smart, and he’ll turn your unfinished project into a #Work of Art!

P.S. In closing I’d like to quote that great #AmericanPatriot, #ForrestGump: “And that’s all I have to say about that.”

© Dr. Phil D Mayers

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